Film Industry


For filmmakers seeking an intimate space to perform critical quality control of their creations, The Screening Room at QFT is the place. 

The cinema and presentation theatres are perfect for industry screenings, private hires, rushes, previews and approval screenings.

Showcase your work in either of QFT's two screens and ensure that you get the full picture with the latest in digital technology and surround sound. The Screening Room is equipped and calibrated to exacting specifications featuring 2K, HD, SD and 35mm film with full Dolby Digital surround sound.

For all your screening requirements, including scheduling and quotes, please contact Louise Milligan at



  • Auditoriums of 91 or 206 seats.
  • Screens of 5m x 2.5m
  • DCI Compliant Digital Projectors - 2K 3chip DLP Christie Projectors - Native resolution 2048x1080
  • D-Cinema - DCP - Doremi Servers
  • Decks available include, Blu-ray, DVD, Digibeta
  • Hire decks available
  • Stage connectivity for client laptops
  • 35mm Projectors - 1.33, 1.66, 1.85 and 2.35 aspect ratios
  • Audio - Dolby CP750 Processors for digital and Dolby CP55 Cinema Processor for 35mm
  • Engineering Support: Onsite technical team to ensure your event runs smoothly.

QFT can also provide a DCP creation service. Please contact Louise Milligan at