BBFC Ratingf-rated FilmBFF '19: Fugue

CertificateNot Rated
GenreDrama, Mystery, Thriller
DirectorAgnieszka Smoczynska
LanguagePolish, English
CountryPoland, Czech Republic, Sweden
Running Time1HR 42MINS
Extra InfoSubtitled / 15+
SeasonBelfast Film Festival 2019

Alicja suffers from dissociative fugue, a condition that has made her forget her identity.  After suffering an episode, she disappears. Two years later, she returns to her former family to assume against her will, her role as wife, mother and daughter.

Her family claims her after seeing her on a TV show about missing persons. Alicja learns that her real name is Kinga, and that she has a husband and a five-year old son.

Initially, she wants to abandon her new/old family as soon as possible, but she gradually becomes intrigued by the life she left behind and sticks around to discover it.

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