Princess Aya

BBFC RatingPrincess Aya

Princess Aya
CertificateNot Rated
DirectorSunggang Lee
LanguageKorean with English subtitles
CountrySouth Korea
Running Time1HR 30MINS
Extra InfoPart of Cinemagic 30 | Recommended for 12+
SeasonCinemagic Film Festival

Princess Aya of the Sabi Kingdom has a curse that transforms her into wild animals. The only thing that can stop the morphing is her mother's priceless amulet.

When her home comes under siege, her father the King creates an alliance with the Kingdom of Vatar by marrying Aya off to Prince Bari. En route to Vatar, her convoy is attacked by a magical beast and Aya's amulet is stolen. The Princess must try with all her might to both conceal her secret and to find out who wants to stop the union of Kingdoms.

Directed by award winning Korean animator Sunggang Lee.