LUMI Presents: Deck the Halls

BBFC RatingLUMI Presents: Deck the Halls

Showing: 21 December 2019

LUMI Presents: Deck the Halls
GenreComedy, Family
DirectorJohn Whitesell
Running Time1HR 31MINS
SeasonChristmas 2019

LUMI presents a DeVit-ho-ho-ho! Christmas in celebration of the superstar and all-round meme generator, Danny DeVito.

Witness DeVito battle it out with Matthew Broderick on the big screen to see who has the biggest and best Christmas decorations (yes, that’s the entire plot). Is it “excruciatingly awful” (Chicago Sun-Times) or does it have “a sly twinkle of its own” (Globe and Mail)? 

Whatever the outcome, with your pals you can indulge in Danny Mojito cocktails and mulled wine, and take photos with our life-size cut-out (it’s the real deal). The QFT bar will be open, and as usual you’re welcome to take your drinks into the screen. Surely there’s a drinking game in this somewhere… 

It's ridiculous DeVito hasn’t played Santa yet. Petition anyone? DeVit-ho-ho-ho! 

“Got any kids who've been naughty this year? Here's their present.” – Sam Toy, Empire Magazine, a resounding 1/5

This is a LUMI Young Programmers event. Click here to find out more.