Are you... 

🍿 Aged 18 – 26? 

🍿 A fan of films?  

🍿 Looking to learn more about cinema programming? 

🍿 Keen to meet like-minded young people? 


Then join the LUMI Programmers to curate, run and host film events, and make things like TikTok videos and podcasts for young people at Queen's Film Theatre. 

Apply now - applications close Tue 10 Oct.

Make sure to read the full programme details below 💁‍♀️ 


What is LUMI Programmers? 

LUMI Programmers is an opportunity for you to get a hold off a bit of QFT. The group will take the lead in producing events and content that will attract new, young audiences to Queen's Film Theatre. 
LUMI Programmers have been around since 2019 (so you know there was a while we were a bit quiet). Since then, we’ve organised events such as: 

  • Everybody's Everything x Mabfield podcast. Featuring discussion from podcast hosts Mabfield on the documentary and the state of drug culture in modern music with guest speaker Andrew Moore.   
  • Eat the Rich - a month long season showcasing films satirising the 1% programmed by LUMI Programmer Joanna McClurg.
  • Emerald Reels - a new strand of LUMI supported Irish films from the past and present, with the initial events programmed by LUMI Programmer Sophie Adair.    
  • LUMI x NI Science Fest - In Feb 2022, LUMI Programmers Katherine Harris and Fionntán Macdonald programmed an event around astrobiology with a screening of A Trip to the Moon and Arrival. 

Now we’re looking for a new group of programmers to come in and create events you genuinely care about and would go to see yourself. When we’ve got the group together, we’ll be able to see what form that will take. Initially it’ll be all about learning the ropes, what it takes to put together a great event from deciding who, what, when, why, how, to show brilliant cinema and how you make people care about it. 

There’ll be monthly opportunities to test out your ideas and skills, then by the end of the year, you’ll have organised something spectacular as a group. It could be something like 6 free-standing events, 3 double bills or a mini festival, for example 🤩 

A good example from our friends, Matchbox Cineclub in Glasgow is the supremely successful, KeanuCon. Yes, it's a film festival dedicated to one man, Keanu Reeves. 

We will create content for social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. We'll learn from local creators and figure out whether QFT needs brought into the 21st century on TikTok. We'll think of ways they could work for growing audiences for our events. 
With the explosion of podcasts, we'll look at what works and what doesn't and how we could produce a number of podcast series to share and grow conversation around film culture in Belfast. 🎙️🎧👂 

LUMI Programmer Fionntán has already produced a brilliant podcast for us exploring our Film Feels Curious Season from earlier this year.  

Who’s it for? 

You! (If you’re interested in film and aged 18-26!) 

The aim is to have a group of people with all sorts of different interests, but all share a love of cinema (that includes everything from Marvel to that obscure thing only you have watched).  
We’re not just for film buffs, although we do love you guys! . You could be from any part of Belfast and could also be into things like journalism, film, politics, science, theatre, philosophy, business and so on. We hope people from a range of backgrounds apply, our diversity is our strength.

What you get 

  • Learn about independent cinema programming, marketing and events management 
  • Plan, run, market and host film screenings in our cinema 
  • Meet others who enjoy or are passionate about film 
  • Develop and strengthen your entrepreneurial and film curating skills 
  • Learn about and create content for the likes of Instagram and TikTok 

❌ Please note we will *not* be producing films. Please do not apply if you're only interested in film production. 


What we ask from you 

  • This is a commitment; you must be passionate and engaged 
  • Work as a team to organise and run cinema events 
  • Meet as a group between two and four times a month at Queen’s Film Theatre from end of October 2022 To apply you must be aged between 18 and 26 years old. 

To apply you must be aged between 18 and 26 years old. 
Apply Now
Applications close Tue 10 Oct 2023.