BBFC RatingIt's A Wonderful Life

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Christmas isn’t Christmas without the ultimate festive classic from Oscar-winning director Frank Capra, starring James Stewart as despairing businessmen George Bailey.

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BBFC RatingThe Muppet Christmas Carol

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The best ever Muppet film, digitally restored for your viewing pleasure, and celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Brian Henson directs his late father's creations in the Charles Dickens classic, the best known (and most oft-filmed) Christmas story of all time.

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BBFC RatingDie Hard

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Yippee ki-yay melon farmer!

Twelve terrorists. One cop. The odds are against John McClane...that's just the way we like it. Die Hard is the film for you if you like your Christmas movies violent, sweary and wearing a vest.

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BBFC RatingWinter Graduation 15th December 10:30

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During Winter Graduation, the QFT will be showing special screenings of the graduation ceremonies. If your friends and family aren't able to join you in the Whitla Hall, they can watch the ceremony live just a few minutes away, then join you for a glass of Prosecco at the garden party afterwards.

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