LUMI x Monsoon

25 September 2020

LUMI Programmer Conor takes a first look at Hong Khaou’s beautiful new film Monsoon.

Popcorn for a pound

18 September 2020

Happy start of term! To welcome you back to the cinema we're offering students a popcorn for a pound

QFT Post-note: The Banlieue on Screen

10 September 2020

In the first of a new series looking at the themes behind the films, Dr. Ashley Harris, Lecturer in

LUMI x Rocks

10 September 2020

James Hall, a LUMI Programmer, gives his thoughts on Rocks.

LUMI x Babyteeth

01 September 2020

Zara, one of the first generation of LUMI Programmers, rates Babyteeth, Shannon Murphy's g
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