Exploring International Solidarity in The Black an

24 June 2024

LUMI Programmer Caitlin Sahin explores the shared themes of international solidarity 

‘Empathy is the enemy of Fascism’ A conversati

19 June 2024

LUMI Programmer Molly Qualter explores Palestinian documentaries at the Docs Ireland festival.

LUMI's guide to this year's Docs Ireland

14 June 2024

LUMI Programmer Molly Qualter shares her top recommendations from this year's Docs Ireland fest

Had your heart broken? Here are the films to get y

03 June 2024

LUMI Programmer Katherine Harris shares her favourite films to help heal a broken heart 💔

Masked Resistance: Exploring The Symbolism in Ousm

29 April 2024

LUMI Programmer Molly Qualter investigates the symbolism in our latest LUMI Presents film, Black Gir

LUMI Interviews: Karimah Zakia Issa (Part 2)

26 February 2024

LUMI Programmers Katherine Harris and Leeza Isaeva continue their interview with filmmaker 
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