Our history

QFT has been bringing the best independent, international and cult cinema to audiences in Northern Ireland for over 50 years.


Last October marked 50 years since we opened our doors in October 1968. As part of our celebrations, we created the QFT Brochure Archive. Spanning the past fifty years from 1968 up to today, the archive contains a digitised version of every brochure published by QFT from the day we opened our doors.  


   archive_1968.jpg      archive_1976.jpg       archive_1983.jpg  


The QFT Brochure Archive, which has been generously supported by funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, came to fruition as part of an endeavour to preserve QFT’s rich cultural heritage. In many cases only one copy of some of the early programmes was available for preservation. With the help of Queen's Special Collections, every brochure has now been digitised and is available in our fully searchable archive. Browse the full QFT Brochure Archive.

The brochures contain unique and original artwork reflective of the changes in cinema and society that provide a fascinating insight into culture in Northern Ireland over the past 50 years.

The archive can be searched by keyword including film, filmmaker, cast and date. We suggest that you dip in and see if you can find when your favourite film was first shown or perhaps recall a special event or moment that happened for you at QFT.  


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Browse the full QFT Brochure Archive

The initiative was made possible with the generous support of the Heritage Lottery Fund.