A Clockwork Orange

BBFC RatingA Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange
GenreCrime, Drama, Sci-fi
DirectorStanley Kubrick
CountryUK, USA
Running Time2HR 16MINS
SeasonMain Programme

Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Anthony Burgess’ decline-of-civilisation novel remains a chilling, thrilling and unsettling cinematic vision of nihilistic violence and social control.

It was so controversial upon its release in 1971 that it was withdrawn by Kubrick himself, and not seen again in the UK until after his death in 1999. 

Set in a flamboyantly stylised near-future where gangs of disenfranchised teenagers indulge in narcotic cocktails and revel in acts of ‘ultraviolence’, the film centres on anti-hero Alex (Malcolm McDowell) and his band of droogs. 

This will be the first UK-wide re-release of A Clockwork Orange since 2000, enabling another generation to see it on the big screen.