Cinemagic: Apocalypse Anytime Now

BBFC RatingCinemagic: Apocalypse Anytime Now

Showing: 30 October 2022

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Sun 30 Oct 2022

CertificateNot Rated
Running Time1HR 40MINS
Extra InfoRec 12+
SeasonCinemagic 2022

A series of short films illustrating the resilience and fortitude of young people facing hardships and challenging situations.

An Invisible Apprentice

Dir: Emilia Herbst - Argentina - 2022 - 12 mins

A young roller-skater has no words when it comes to expressing her feelings. 

Hannah’s Dream

Dir: Eugene Arts & Emily Reekers - Netherlands - 2021 - 14 mins

To cheer up her father, Hannah comes up with a spontaneous action that results in a symphonic concert through the neighbourhood.

Apocalypse Anytime Now

Dir: Jen Lim - UK - 2021 - 8 mins

Samuel lives every day in fear that the world is on the brink of collapse. As a result, he never leaves his room.

Evergreen Forest

Dir: Tommaso Diaceri - Italy - 2021 - 13 mins

Two thirteen-year-old girls, bonded by a strong friendship, decide to overcome their deepest fear from their childhood.

The Mermaid’s Tale

Dir: Aidan McArdle - UK - 2022 - 13 mins

Maeve is a young girl struggling with the loss of her mother. Her dad is trying but failing to be there for her and is lost within his own grief.


Dir: Jefferson Stein - USA - 2021 - 15 mins

In southern Arizona, a young Indigenous girl discovers a Hispanic migrant who has been separated from her father while traveling through the Tohono O’odham tribal lands into the US.


Dir: Cara Bamford - UK - 2020 - 10 mins

Talia loves nature. Endlessly curious, she finds new ways to slip out of the house – pushing her boundaries to explore the world beyond her front garden.

Olly Olly Oxen Free

Dir: Valerio Filardo - Italy - 2022 - 12 mins

In his last attempt to cross the border, Alì decides to hide inside a caravan, finding himself face to face with Claudio, an Italian boy of the same age.

Screening as part of the Cinemagic Film Festival. For more information about the festival visit