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BBFC Ratingf-rated FilmBaby Pictures: Women Talking

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Director(s)Sarah Polley
Writer(s)Sarah Polley, Miriam Toews
Running Time1HR 44MINS
Extra InfoExclusively for carers with babies of 12 months or under
SeasonBaby Pictures

Baby Pictures is our regular Friday morning film slot exclusively for carers with little ones aged twelve months and under. This week we present Sarah Polley's Oscar-nominated story of women deciding their own fate after suffering from sexual abuse.

In a remote Mennonite community, women have been waking from sleep bruised and battered, some are pregnant. Religious leaders argue it’s God’s punishment for their sins. But when one wakes to find an attacker in her room, the horrible truth comes out. In a sunlit barn, the women debate: will they stay, as is expected, and forgive their attackers? Fury, fear, resignation, obedience, hope – each woman, though dressed alike in the unadorned style of the community, expresses a different view.

Handled with great sensitivity and a brilliant cast, including Frances McDormand, Jessie Buckley, Rooney Mara and Claire Foy, Sarah Polley tells this culturally specific tale in a way that speaks universally.

Please note there is content in this film which may prove upsetting including sexual violence references, child sexual violence references, baby loss, sexual threat, and domestic abuse. You can find out more on the BBFC website for this film.

Baby Pictures 

Baby Pictures is open to carers and little ones of twelve months and under. As everyone in the cinema is a parent or carer, there’s no need to worry if it gets a little noisy. Everyone understands. Customers not accompanying a baby will be turned away.

The lights are turned up a little bit and the sound is a little softer to create a peaceful environment for you and the baby. It’s just for carers (Mum, Dad, Granny, Granda, whoever it is it looking after the tot) and babies. Up to two adults can come with a baby. Please note: we cannot allow babies over the age of 12 months to come to Baby Pictures.  

If you have any questions about Baby Pictures, please get in touch on

Baby Pictures is supported by Film Hub NI.


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