Christmas 2023: Bad Santa

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BBFC RatingChristmas 2023: Bad Santa

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Director(s)Terry Zwigoff
Running Time1HR 31MINS
SeasonChristmas 2023

The ultimate feel-bad Christmas movie returns to QFT for its 20th anniversary in all its foul-mouthed, gleefully rude glory.

Billy Bob Thornton stars as Willie T. Stokes: a hard-drinking professional thief who cements his spot on the "naughty list" by impersonating a department store Santa to rob shopping malls during the Christmas period. But Willie’s alliance with his partner in crime is threatened when his drinking habit affects his safe cracking, his erratic behaviour attracts the attention of store managers, and he befriends a troubled kid whilst on the job.

Bad Santa isn't for everyone, but only grinches won’t find it uproariously funny.

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