Brian and Charles

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Director(s)Jim Archer
Writer(s)David Earl, Chris Hayward
CountryUnited Kingdom
Running Time1HR 30MINS
SeasonMain Programme
Closed CaptioningThe screening on Thurs 21 July at 3.40pm will be captioned.

A winning new ‘odd couple’ comedy from Jim Archer, based on a successful short film, co-written and starring comedian David Earl (Derek, Extras, After Life), as the eccentric recluse Brian, and Chris Hayward as man-made Charles.

Brian and Charles follows Brian (Earl), a lonely inventor in rural Wales, who spends his days building quirky, unconventional contraptions that seldom work. Undeterred by his lack of success, Brian attempts his biggest project yet.

Three days, a washing machine, and various spare parts later, he’s invented Charles (Hayward), an artificially intelligent robot who learns English from a dictionary and has an obsession with cabbages.

What follows is a humorous and entirely heartwarming story about friendship, family, finding love, and letting go.

"The mockumentary-style comedy, directed by Jim Archer, is sweet, funny, weird, and heartwarming." Alissa Wilkinson, Vox

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