Brick Mule + I Have to Speak

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SeasonMain Programme

This FREE screening event featuring Brick Mule and I Have to Speak, has been organised by The Centre for Documentary Research at Queen's University, Belfast, as part of the symposium on Ethnographic and Participatory Documentary for Social Development, Jan 11 and 12, 2023.


This Direct Cinema anthrozoological ethnographic film documents the lives of Nepal's working mules. The film finds a closeness with the mules; their sale in India, their journey to Nepal and their work in the huge brick factories of the Kathmandu valley and portering goods into the high Himalayas. Stunning cinematography and a crafted soundscape paint a moving portrait of Nepal's brick mules and the people who make their living with them. Honest, but non-judgemental, the film gives a unique insight into hardship of life for people and equines alike. Yet underlying questions about humanity and our relationship with animals underpin the film.

Dir: Michael Brown | 2022 | Nepal/UK | 65 mins


This film amplifies voices of women who were members of non-state armed groups in civil conflict. Six female ex-combatants from Aceh (Indonesia), Burundi, Mindanao (Philippines) and Nepal collected and filmed stories of their peers. They reflect on their reasons for joining the movements, their time as women in war, and how their lives unfolded once peace was restored. Theirs are stories of friendship and camaraderie, of life and death, of perseverance and resistance, and of rebuilding lives after war and continuing the struggle in peaceful ways. They chose their own words and created their own narratives, giving a more truthful account of the actual experiences of women in conflict and alternative roles for women in post-conflict society.

Produced by: Berghof Foundation | 19 mins



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