Docs Ireland: Crows are White

BBFC RatingDocs Ireland: Crows are White

Showing: 23 June 2023

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Fri 23 Jun 2023

CertificateNot Rated
Director(s)Ahsen Nadeem
Writer(s)Ahsen Nadeem, Matt H. Mayes, Dawn Blackman
LanguageJapanese, English
CountryUSA, Ireland, Japan
Running Time1HR 37MINS
SeasonDocs Ireland 2023

From Japan to Cavan, filmmaker Ahsen Nadeem is on the hunt for enlightenment. Crashing into monks and his own inner conflict, a story of love and contradictions unfolds.

Ahsen Nadeem originally wanted to make a film about “marathon monks” belonging to a secretive Buddhist sect in Japan who reach enlightenment through highly determined feats of strength. Instead, his own life kept getting in the way.

Through walking the tightrope of keeping his devout parents happy and living his own life, he gets caught up in a web of lies and deception. Now that he is engaged to a woman he loves, unbeknownst to his parents, Ahsen wants to come clean.

Crows are White is a quirky and funny film which follows Nadeem as he travels to Mount Hiei where he believes he will find enlightenment of his own, but instead finds friendship in the only monk willing to talk to him, the rebellious heavy metal-loving monk, Ryushin.

Delightfully shot and featuring a distinctive and moving score, the film never feels narcissistic or self-indulgent, but authentic and heart-warming as it finds connection in the least likely of places.