LUMI Presents: Donnie Darko

BBFC RatingLUMI Presents: Donnie Darko

Showing: 17 June 2023

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Sat 17 Jun 2023

GenreDrama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director(s)Richard Kelly
Writer(s)Richard Kelly
Running Time1HR 53MINS
SeasonMain Programme

Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit? LUMI Presents the noughties cult classic that will have you questioning reality and the fabric of time itself, Donnie Darko.

When Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaall) survives a freak accident involving an airplane engine, a sequence of events unfold that weave together people, space and time on a finite loop. Time-travel, teenage angst and a 6-foot-tall imaginary rabbit named Frank play out spectacularly in a film that we would definitely place it on the 'Love' end of the Love/Fear spectrum.

Chosen by our LUMI Programmers, sit back and watch the end of this very very mad world, set to one of the most iconic and nostalgic soundtracks ever. Paired with a star-studded cast (an ultra-creepy Patrick Swayze, Drew Barrymore as an intense English teacher and even a pre-High School Musical Ashley Tisdale) don’t miss your chance to see this iconic film on the big screen.

Show your commitment to Sparkle Motion by grabbing a £4.50 LUMI ticket (if you're 18-26) and joining us for a film introduction by our LUMI Programmers.

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