#DouglassWeek: Glory + intro

BBFC Rating#DouglassWeek: Glory + intro

Showing: 18 April 2024

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Thu 18 Apr 2024

GenreBiography, Drama, History, War
Director(s)Edward Zwick
Writer(s)Kevin Jarre, Lincoln Kirstein, Peter Burchard
Running Time2HR 2MINS

Edward Zwick’s rousing, emotional historical drama is screening as part of #DouglassWeek, an event series celebrating the work and life of abolitionist, Frederick Douglass. This screening will be introduced by Dr Brian Kelly, Queen’s University Belfast.

Glory tells the story of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, one of the first African American regiments to serve in the American Civil War, from their formation to their baptism by fire in the Second Battle of Fort Wagner.

Matthew Broderick, as commanding officer Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, joins a cast of heavyweights including young Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman, while James Horner’s score and veteran DP Freddie Francis’s beautifully burnished cinematography contribute inestimably to Zwick’s tale of honour and horror on the battlefield.

The fourth annual #DouglassWeek takes place in Belfast from 14-20 April 2024, highlighting the legacy of Frederick Douglass, and the impact of his life and work on issues such as identity, race and equal rights.