Cinemagic On the Pulse: Five Fables

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BBFC RatingCinemagic On the Pulse: Five Fables

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CertificateNot Rated
Director(s)Dean Burke, David Cumming, Joel Simon
Running Time1HR 10MINS
Extra InfoRec Age: PG
SeasonCinemagic On the Pulse

Aesop’s enchanting fables are brought to life in five beautifully animated medieval tales. The stories, narrated by comedian Billy Connolly, are bought afresh for a 21st Century audience by Nobel Prize-winning poet Seamus Heaney. 

The Two Mice - The story of a country mouse invited by her sister to taste the delights of the town but finds, to her cost, it is not all it is made out to be. 

The Lion and the Mouse - A group of foolhardy mice stumble upon a sleeping lion. He wakes up and grabs the terrified leader, who negotiates for her dear life - with surprising consequences. 

The Fox, The Wolf and The Carter - A wily fox teams up with a strong but foolish wolf, in order to steal from a man driving a cartload of fish. Will they succeed, and will the wolf be outwitted by the fox? 

The Preaching of the Swallow - In this tale, a swallow watches a farmer sow flax seed and pleads with her fellow birds to gobble it up before they fall into a trap. 

The Fox, The Wolf and The Farmer - In a fit of bad temper, a farmer shouts at his misfiring oxen: 'the wolf shall have the lot of you!'. The fox, overhearing nearby, decides to take the farmer at his word! 

Please note this showcase includes only the animations from the original ‘Five Fables’ BBC Northern Ireland series, the behind-the-scenes documentary elements from the original broadcast are not included.  

With thanks to Flickerpix.  

Screening as part of Cinemagic ‘On the Pulse’ Short Film Festival. 

On the Pulse is funded by the Department for Communities through Northern Ireland Screen and BFI FAN Film Exhibition Fund, awarding funds from National Lottery. 

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