I Am Weekender + Q&A

BBFC Ratingf-rated FilmI Am Weekender + Q&A

Showing: 27 April 2024

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Sat 27 Apr 2024

Director(s)Chloé Raunet
Running Time1HR 12MINS
SeasonMain Programme

I Am Weekender is Chloé Raunet’s insightful documentary about the making, impact and legacy of the 1992 WIZ directed short Weekender.

Initially banned on release, Flowered Up’s original acid house cris de coeur, Weekender, has gone on to become a cult-classic selected by the BFI as one of the most innovative music films ever made.

A pioneering meditation of the British rave scene - now in a brand new 2K restoration - the original film is re-evaluated via Raunet’s fascinating and poignant documentary. I Am Weekender runs at 54 minutes and will be followed by a screening of the original 19 minute Weekender film.

With contributions from Irvine Welsh, Jeremy Deller, Lynne Ramsay, Bobby Gillespie, Clive Langer, Mark Moore, Róisín Murphy, Annie Nightingale, Shaun Ryder, David Holmes, Roy Marsh and many more.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with Weekender director WIZ, Flowered Up's Tim Dorney, and David Holmes, hosted by Wendy Erskine.