BBFC RatingJaws

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GenreAdventure, Drama, Thriller
DirectorSteven Spielberg
Running Time2HR 4MINS
SeasonFilm Feels - Obsession

“This shark, swallow you whole.”

In this stone-cold classic from Steven Spielberg – and the first true summer blockbuster – a lone great white shark trolls the waters surrounding the small island community of Amity. Despite his fear of the water, police chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) obsessively investigates the vicious attacks and eventually follows the beast out into open water – with Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss in tow. 

The chilling John Williams score signals impending doom with its now famous minimal two-note theme, and Spielberg’s wise decision to limit glimpses of the shark itself (caused mostly by the mechanical fish’s talent for regularly malfunctioning) resulted in many an audience member questioning whether or not they would (or could) ever step back into the ocean. 

Join us on Saturday 27 July for a very special screening of Jaws with the Ulster String Quartet, playing a selection of John Williams’ soundtrack favourites in the foyer before the film. Ulster String Quartet from 5.45pm, Jaws at 6.45pm. ulsterquartet.com

Jaws is screening as part of Film Feels: Obsession, a UK-wide cinema season, supported by the National Lottery and BFI Film Audience Network. Explore all films and events at filmfeels.co.uk.




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