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Director(s)François Truffaut
Writer(s)Henri-Pierre Roché, François Truffaut, Jean Gruault
LanguageFrench, German, English
Running Time1HR 46MINS
SeasonMain Programme

The Naughton Gallery presents François Truffaut's New Wave classic as part of its SCREEN/PRINT series, with a free poster designed by artist Evgenia Barinova for each attendee. 

In 1912, Frenchman Jim (Serre) and the Austrian Jules (Werner) become firm friends, happily sharing their enjoyment of Paris, art, literature and women, even when their adoration of the divine but sometimes demanding Catherine (Moreau) looks set to test their relationship. Then comes war...

Truffaut’s adaptation – at once faithful and ebulliently cinematic – of Henri-Pierre Roché’s novel both celebrates its characters’ aspirations to unfettered love and acknowledges the social and psychological obstacles that conspire to undermine such dreams. Accordingly, energetic pre-war passions yield to a deeper awareness of responsibilities and needs: life, Truffaut reminds us, is seldom simple, happiness never absolute.

- text by Geoff Andrew, BFI

The Naughton Gallery and UsFolk illustration agency present Jules et Jim as the next instalment in their popular SCREEN/PRINT series, through which illustrators are commissioned to create new posters for films which have inspired or influenced their practices. All ticket holders will receive a limited edition print by Evgenia Barinova. SCREEN/PRINT is generously supported by the Queen's Annual Fund.

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