Wim Wenders Retrospective: Paris, Texas

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BBFC RatingWim Wenders Retrospective: Paris, Texas

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Director(s)Wim Wenders
Writer(s)L.M. Kit Carson, Sam Shepard
Running Time2HR 30MINS
SeasonKino Dreams - Wim Wenders Retrospective

The late, great Harry Dean Stanton's finest role came as the near-mute Travis, on a journey across America to reunite his family, in Wim Wenders' moving tale of loss and redemption.

Travis Henderson (Harry Dean Stanton) walks out of the desert after four years, to the amazement of his brother, Walt (Dean Stockwell). Reunited with Hunter, his seven-year-old son, Travis decides that they should search for his ex-wife (Nastassja Kinski) so that they can be a family once again. Late, great character actor Stanton took his first, and greatest, leading role in Wim Wenders' moving slice of Americana.

Beautifully shot by Robbie Müller, Sam Shepard's beguilingly simple story is stunningly realised by Wenders, whose stark imagery is accompanied by Ry Cooder's acclaimed score. Winner of the Palme d'Or at the 1984 Cannes Film Festival and the Best Director prize at BAFTA in 1985, Paris, Texas is arguably Wenders' greatest achievement.

Kino Dreams is the first UK retrospective of Wenders’ films in 15 years and the first chance for UK audiences to experience the 4K restorations of Wings of DesireThe American Friend and Kings of The Road in cinemas. The tour aims to introduce a new generation of film fans to the work of one of world cinema's most curious and creative filmmakers.

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