Cinema Unbound: Peeping Tom

BBFC RatingCinema Unbound: Peeping Tom

Showing: 24 November 2023 , 26 November 2023

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Fri 24 Nov 2023
Sun 26 Nov 2023

GenreDrama, Horror, Thriller
Director(s)Michael Powell
Writer(s)Leo Marks
Running Time1HR 41MINS
SeasonCinema Unbound - The Creative Worlds of Powell and Pressburger

Often described as the film that virtually ended Michael Powell’s career, Peeping Tom is a dark and disturbing psychological drama about a voyeuristic murderer that has become a cult classic. Newly restored in 4K.

Mark Lewis (Carl Boehm) is a focus-puller at a film studio as well as a part-time pornographer. As part of his filmmaking, he records the reactions of victims as he murders them, claiming he is making a documentary on fear. When he befriends neighbour Helen (Anna Massey) he tells her of his filmmaking, leading her to sneak into his home to watch his recordings. She is horrified by what she finds and even more horrified when Mark catches her.

Much criticised at the time of its release for its violence and sexual content, Peeping Tom is now recognised as the masterly satire it always was, with its rich themes and in-jokes about the film world resonating with audiences anew.

The 6.15pm screening on Fri 24 Nov will be introduced by Dr. Mervyn Marshall, lecturer in Film Studies at Queen's University, Belfast.

Part of Cinema Unbound: The Creative Worlds of Powell and Pressburger. With support of the BFI Film Audience Network, awarding funds from the National Lottery in order to bring this project to more audiences across the UK.