Relaxed Screening: Home Alone

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Director(s)Chris Columbus
Writer(s)John Hughes
CountryUnited States of America
Running Time1HR 43MINS
SeasonChristmas 2023

Young Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is spending Christmas at home. The problem is, he's the only one. His family have flown to France leaving Kevin as the head of the household.

While eating cheese pizza, jumping on beds, and watching old gangster movies, Kevin is happy to rule the roost. That is until the Wet Bandits (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) show up, intent on stealing everything they can from Kevin’s family home. Thankfully Kevin has enough tricks up his sleeve to show them who’s boss.

Penned by the great John Hughes (The Breakfast Club) and directed by Chris Columbus (Mrs. Doubtfire), Home Alone is a fun family favourite that is, let’s face it, Die Hard for kids.

Relaxed screenings are aimed at audiences with autism or other sensory sensitivities, but are open to everyone. This means the house lights will be up a little and the sound levels will be lowered. The screening will be sold at half capacity and the seats will be unallocated to allow customers freedom of movement during the film if needed. The screening will start 5 minutes after the advertised screening time. There will be no ads or trailers. For more access information about QFT, including a walk through video, click here.

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