The Old Man & the Gun

BBFC RatingThe Old Man & the Gun

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GenreComedy, Crime, Drama
DirectorDavid Lowery
Running Time1HR 33MINS
SeasonMain Programme
Closed CaptioningThe 1.40pm screening on Saturday 15 December will feature descriptive subtitling.

David Lowery (A Ghost Story) brings his distinctive vision to this ‘mostly true’ account of the later years of a gentleman bank-robber, played by Robert Redford.

Redford has announced that this will be his final film as an actor, and, as such, David Lowery’s charming comedic caper, based on David Grann’s New Yorker profile of spiffy bank robber Forrest Tucker, serves as a fitting capper to a legendary career built, almost 50 years ago, on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Tucker, who died in prison in 2004, is a legend, too: he was an amiable and quiet-spoken septuagenarian whose last heist happened when he was 78 years old, completing a career that made him one of the most infamous bank robbers of the last century. That he was also one the world’s greatest prison escapologists—he told Grann that he had escaped successfully 18 times and failed in 12 other attempts—adds another layer to this irresistible figure, and Redford draws on all his charm to tell the story of a lifelong criminal who even the police came to regard as a gracious gentleman of style.

Oscar-winner Sissy Spacek is also winning as the last love-interest in Tucker’s life, while Casey Affleck, a begrudging smile of admiration eventually crossing his face at Tucker’s sheer audacity, essays the police officer who has sworn to put Tucker behind bars. The rest of the stellar cast includes Elisabeth Moss, Danny Glover, Tom Waits, Tika Sumpter and Keith Carradine, all doing fine work here. But, of course, the screen belongs to Mr. Redford…


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