Christmas 2023 x LUMI: Tokyo Godfathers

BBFC RatingChristmas 2023 x LUMI: Tokyo Godfathers

Showing: 15 December 2023

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Fri 15 Dec 2023

GenreAnimation, Adventure
Director(s)Satoshi Kon
Writer(s)Satoshi Kon, Keiko Nobumoto
Running Time1HR 32MINS
Extra InfoSubtitled
SeasonChristmas 2023

Chosen by our LUMI programmers, Satoshi Kon's anime gem follows three homeless friends on the streets of Tokyo who discover an abandoned baby on Christmas Eve. Celebrating its 20th anniversary in glorious 4K.

It’s Christmas Eve and three homeless people, Gin, a middle-aged alcoholic, Miyuki, a teenage runaway and Hana, a former drag queen, have formed a makeshift family on the streets of Tokyo. While rummaging in dustbins for food they find an abandoned newborn baby. With only a handful of clues to the baby’s identity, the three try to solve the mystery of the abandoned baby and return her to her parents.

There's no shortage of visual beauty on display with dancing buildings, dazzling lights, and drizzling snow, creating a beautifully atmospheric animated world. In his penultimate film, director Satoshi Kon seamlessly blends whimsy and pathos for a stirring and sweet Christmas tale.