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Director(s)Makoto Shinkai
Writer(s)Makoto Shinkai
Running Time1HR 45MINS
Extra InfoEnglish subtitles
SeasonMain Programme

Two teenagers’ lives are changed forever when the first visible comet for a thousand years approaches Japan. Revisit this must-see Makoto Shinkai classic, just in time for his new film, Suzume.

Mitsuha and Taki are total strangers living completely different lives. Mitsuha lives in a rural area and longs to leave, whilst Taki waits tables in Tokyo when he’s not studying. Despite never having met, they both begin to dream about each other, imagining that somehow they have exchanged bodies and are existing in parallel lives. As this phenomenon continues, they start communicating with each other and resolve to meet to make sense of what is happening to them. Despite the fun body-swap vibe that our heroes initially experience, a dark journey lies ahead.

★★★★★ "a beautiful out-of-body experience" Mark Kermode, Observer



Director Makoto Shinkai (Your Name, Weathering With You) is back with another astonishing adventure. Set in various disaster-stricken locations across Japan, mysterious open doors are causing devastation.

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