WeAreQFT Stephen Hackett

30 March 2020

This edition of #WeAreQFT is the first in a series celebrating our friends at Belfast Film Festival. Up first, Head of Programming Stephen Hackett, who reminisces about cinematic ice lollys, why he wants Michael Bay to remake Holy Mountain and which film character seems like a top bloke.

The Best of Isolation Inspiration

30 March 2020

We've been scouring the internet and our WhatsApp group chats for the best of the isolation inspired comedy clips. 

Monday Medicine Laughter

30 March 2020

The first of our Monday Medicine newsletters went out today and with it our Audience Development Assistant, Michael Delaney, has taken a look at the enduring appeal of the screwball comedy. Why is it the genre we need with now and where should you begin?

Introducing the BFF x LUMI Award

30 March 2020

From the Official Selection and In Competition short films of Belfast Film Festival 2020, LUMI will award one film the newly established title.

WeAreQFT El McCullough

27 March 2020

For today's #WeAreQFT, we speak to QFT regular El McCullough about the wise words of Agnès Varda and the films she'll be watching while her favourite cinema is closed. 

WeAreQFT Aislinn Clarke

26 March 2020

This edition of #WeAreQFT celebrates on the local talents blazing a trail in the film world - writer and director Aislinn Clarke. A former QFT usher, Aislinn tells us her five stuck-at-home films, what film quote she uses on her dogs and why she loves a ropey horror movie marathon.

WeAreQFT Stephen Hutchinson

25 March 2020

Former QFT volunteer Stephen Hutchinson talks us through his cinema experience in this edition of #WeAreQFT. He tells us why the Austin Powers series is his guilty pleasure, why he liked The Irishman more the first time he saw it and what films he would love to see when QFT reopens.

WeAreQFT Emma Bainbridge

24 March 2020

QFT would be nothing without its fantastic team. In this edition of #WeAreQFT we celebrate one of those staff members - Deputy Front of House Manager Emma Bainbridge - as she talks to us about Meryl Streep and butter, Jurassic Park tattoos, the Mayor from Jaws and the starring role she has lined up for Patrick Stewart.

Enjoy great films at home

23 March 2020

We wouldn’t want our fans to go without brilliant cinema for too long, so while we’re closed, we’ve set up a new deal with our friends at Curzon Home Cinema #StayHome

WeAreQFT Adam Moore

23 March 2020

In this edition of #WeAreQFT Adam Moore talks about his "holy trinity of comedy", why Joaquin Phoenix needs a box of doughnuts and who should star as the OS in a sequel to Her (spoiler, it's Danny DeVito).

WeAreQFT Rachel Brown

20 March 2020

We've teamed up with the Seamus Heaney Centre to bring you a QUB crossover to rival the Avengers. In this edition of #WeAreQFT Centre Co-ordinator Rachel Brown tells us what film script is full of gems, why nostalgia is important and what's great about a vampire called Sex Machine.

WeAreQFT Caleb Roberts

19 March 2020

If we can't watch films together then let's talk about films together. Caleb Roberts tells us which faceless character he would give a hug, his favourite movie quote and which two (yes, two) people would play him in a film in this edition of #WeAreQFT.

WeAreQFT Tony Heron

18 March 2020

A closure of QFT isn't going to stop the #WeAreQFT train rolling on. Now, more than ever, it is vital we celebrate the patrons, staff members and friends who make us what we are. We do it for you and it is nothing short of a pleasure. So, it's up to customer Tony Heron to tell us why his favourite film villain is a piece of clothing, why he likes Step Up 2: The Streets and why he dislikes the greatest film ever made (says our Audience Development Assistant).

WeAreQFT Ross Cullen

10 March 2020

Going one-on-one with the #WeAreQFT questions of doom this week is Ross Cullen, who lets us know which film made him throw up as a child, why he has always been a middle man and what actor he would love to see do stunts.

WeAreQFT Sara Gunn Smith

03 March 2020

We are sticking close to home with this week's #WeAreQFT as Film Hub NI's Sara Gunn-Smith tells us which rabbit she thinks is a badass feminist icon, why she doesn't believe in guilty pleasures and which film she (controversially) thinks was the best of 2019.

WeAreQFT Rob Moore

25 February 2020

After a brief hiatus while we changed our website #WeAreQFT returns with QFT regular Rob Moore who tells us that Braveheart is overrated, Dewey Finn is an inspiration and how much he misses the Twin Peaks table.

New QFT memberships

17 February 2020

Noticed some talk about new memberships at QFT? Get the low down about the changes and the new additions. 

Changes to QFT online

17 February 2020

You might have noticed there’s been a lot of changes around QFT in recent months. We’ve got one more to explain to you now.

From Cannes with Love Joan Parsons

22 May 2019

Head of QFT Joan Parsons tells us what it is like to attend the world's most prestigious film festival.

Reflections on QFT50

31 October 2018

Joan Parsons, Head of QFT, looks back on the 50th Anniversary, and forward to the future for independent cinema.

Remembering QFT Impact of Cultural Cinema

30 October 2018

Dr. Sam Manning, film scholar, looks back at the cultural significance of QFT

The Legacy of The Female Lens

22 October 2018

Amanda Doherty; actor, artist, and activist, looks at the legacy of the female lens.

Staying True to Your Mission How to Survive For 50 Years

17 October 2018

Andi looks at QFT staying true to mission through the lens he knows best.

Happy Birthday Old Friend Jan Carson and QFT

15 October 2018

As we approach our 50th Anniversary Night, writer Jan Carson reflects on her 20 year friendship with QFT

Womens voice in the horror genre

12 October 2018

Becky Booth, QUB and MA Film, dissects women's voice in the horror genre.

Cinema and the Celebration of Counterculture

11 October 2018

Victoria Brown, MA Film and Editor at The Gown looks at indie cinema engaging with a 'younger' generation.

Breaking the Celluloid Ceiling Developing the F Rating

08 October 2018

Holly Tarquini, Executive Director of FilmBath, discusses the development of the F-Rating

On the Threshold of Magic Memories of an Usher

05 October 2018

Aislinn Clarke is the director of The Devil's Doorway and also a former QFT usher!

The Queens Film Society The 16 Club

01 October 2018

In the run up to QFT50, Mervyn Marshall discusses The 16 Club, a film society officially founded in 1951.

QFT Launches Brochure Archive

25 September 2018

Find out the full story behind the Queen's Special Collections/QFT brochure archive.

Film Hub NI QFT50 Podcast

19 September 2018

Hot on the heels of the #QFT50 programme announcement, Film Hub NI have dedicated the third Film Hub NI podcast to the Queen's Film Theatre.



QFT50 official press release

13 September 2018

A month long series of exclusive films and events at Queen's Film Theatre. 

50 Years of Queens Film Theatre

11 September 2018

On 16 October 1968, Queen’s Film Theatre (QFT) opened in a converted lecture theatre at QUB