Cinema Rediscovered on Tour

Cinema Rediscovered On Tour is back with a selection of restorations and rediscoveries, including highlights from the American DIY films of the '80s, as well as the return of socially minded filmmakers in the '70s.

Cinema Rediscovered: One Hand Don't Clap

Calypso music is celebrated in all its beauty in this restored documentary taking a bright and energising look at Calypso’s importance.
01 October 2023
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Cinema Rediscovered: Uptight

Following the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King, Cleveland’s black community is on a knife-edge, wondering who, if anyone, can be trusted.
07 October 2023
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Cinema Rediscovered: The Long Farewell

A radical, elliptical tale of a mother-and-son drifting apart, Kira Muratova’s underseen classic is a refreshingly challenging cinematic work. Restored in 4K.
08 October 2023
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Cinema Rediscovered: Claudine

In an attempt to counter the far-fetched excesses of the blaxploitation cycle popular at the time, Claudine focuses on the day to day struggles of a single black mother and her working class family. Restored in 4K.
14 October 2023
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