Audio Description and Descriptive Subtitling

QFT offer Audio Description and Descriptive Subtitling on selected films when available.

What is descriptive subtitling?

Descriptive Subtitling or Captioned Screening is a service for our Deaf/deaf and hearing-impaired customers that displays additional auditory information on the screen. As well as showing the dialogue, descriptive subtitles provide information on other significant sounds. For example: when something is being sung; when a phone rings; when a door slams. This extra information allows customers using the subtitles to access the film more fully.

Find out when our next screening with descriptive subtitling is taking place. 

What is audio description?

Audio Description is a service for partially sighted or blind people providing an audio track of key visual descriptions. This track runs in time with the film's action.

We can provide Audio Description (AD) on selected titles via cordless headsets. Headsets are provided with earphones or can be customised for use with personal earphones. 

We have a limited number of headsets so please let us know, by emailing, if you would like to reserve one for a screening.