A Year in a Field

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BBFC RatingA Year in a Field

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Director(s)Christopher Morris
Running Time1HR 25MINS
SeasonMain Programme

BAFTA-winning documentarian Christopher Morris reflects upon human existence, its relationship to the environment and the urgent need for compassion and transformation.

Weathering the elements in the centre of a field in West Cornwall is the Longstone, a natural relic that has quietly witnessed 4,000 years of tumultuous history. Morris’ elegiac, meditative, yet profoundly important film is the record of a year in the life of the monolith, beginning on Winter Solstice 2020, as the order of the natural world began unravelling around the globe and the threat of extreme climate change became a reality.

Beautifully shot, with a richly layered sound design, the film meditates on the passage of time through its appreciation of nature, highlighting the subtle changes of the seasons, but also the need to act in order to battle man-made changes that will forever change our planet.

"This is a quietly devastating piece of work, with Morris himself describing it as “a direct action of stillness” that is as beautiful as it is despairing." Cineuropa

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