BBFC RatingBFF '19: Summer + Robert Carlyle Introduction

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DirectorKenneth Glenaan
Running Time1HR 35MINS
SeasonBelfast Film Festival and Docs Ireland

Robert Carlyle’s central turn is poignant and poweful in this tale of loyalty, loss and the destructive effects of social exclusion.

Two vibrant boys who unwittingly set down an intensely destructive path. Shaun and Daz are two friends who rely on each other for everything, but Shaun was bound to lose from the very beginning.

Upon being labeled the village bully, Shaun falls into a hopeless cycle of self-destruction that threatens to consume not only himself, but his first love Katy and best friend as well. Twelve years later, as Daz faces death, Shaun becomes determined to reclaim his life by confronting his past. 

This screening of Summer will be introduced by star Robert Carlyle.

Belfast Film Festival films will not feature ads or trailers and will, therefore, start at the advertised time.