BBFC RatingBFF '19: The Secret of Santa Vittoria

GenreComedy, Drama, War
DirectorStanley Kramer
Running Time2HR 19MINS
SeasonBelfast Film Festival 2019

Join us for this special wine and film event. In Santa Vittoria, an Italian town renowned for its vineyards, the residents discover that the occupying Nazi troops plan to take all their wine for themselves. 50th Anniverary screening.

Town drunk Bombolini (Anthony Quinn) is elected the mayor of Santa Vittoria as a patsy for when the Nazis eventually arrive. Fearing the loss of their valuable wine cache, the town bands together to hide it in a cave. When the Nazis finally make their appearance, headed up by Captain von Prum (Hardy Kruger), it becomes a battle of wills between the officer and Bombolini as to where the wine is hidden.

A selection of fine Italian wines will be available before and during the screening.

Belfast Film Festival films will not feature ads or trailers and will, therefore, start at the advertised time.