Cinemagic: Young Filmmaker - Animation

BBFC RatingCinemagic: Young Filmmaker - Animation

Showing: 30 October 2022

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Sun 30 Oct 2022

CertificateNot Rated
GenreShorts, Animation
Running Time1HR 30MINS
Extra InfoRec 15+
SeasonCinemagic 2022

Cinemagic presents the competition shortlist for animation shorts. Join us as we celebrate the achievements of young people and meet the filmmaking stars of the future.

Flotsam & Jetsam (Dir: Felix Surplus)

The journey of a robot, abandoned by the civilisation of people it once served.

Suburb (Dir: Miles Jezuita)

Compared to the bustling life in urban London, in the quiet, static suburb, lurk foxes.

The Oubliette (Dir: Max Hendrickson)

After moving into a small apartment in a big city, a man notices strange and mysterious occurrences.

Hiding (Dir: Tom Carey)

Will has to learn the hard way that true acceptance won’t come from anyone else, but himself.

Heartwood (Dir: Clara Schildhauer & Reyes Fernández)

Midge decides to leave the monotony of the hiking trail to set off on her own adventure.

Stuffed (Dir: Kerry Louise Howlett)

A curious journey inside an abandoned fairground.

M.A. (Dir: Ian Chan & Jean-Louis Khaou)

We follow a mother raising a child in a post-apocalyptic world – a world torn down by robots.

Happy Dance (Dir: Gabi Germain)

Exploring the art of how music and dance can make people happy.

Rediscovery (Dir: Rhys Harvey-Watkins)

Inspired by the explorer Harim Bingham and his expedition into the Peruvian rainforest in 1911.

The Last Straw (Dir: Cleo Parker)

Cyril the Scarecrow is terrified of birds. How will he manage to scare away Bertie the crow who just wont leave him alone?

Nightlife (Dir: Catherine Graham)

A stranger moves between the beautifully lit countryside & illuminated city and encounters indifference in the crowds.

The Creature of Hy-Brasil (Dir: Nathan Lowry)

Aquard, an amphibian humanoid is taken from his underground realm.

Send Kelp (Dir: Sophie Ann Lamb)

With the help of a grey seal, a boy embarks on a exploratory ocean adventure.

Dollhouse (Dir: Jade Halion)

A surreal animated short that explores societal control, and the effect it has on our metal well-being.

Trash Can (Dir: Greta Semionovaite)

The lonely raccoon tries to survive another day in the busy city.

Small Hours (Dir: Marta Sniezek & Christian Spurling)

Two people’s trains of thought, transition from one memory to another.

Lonely Souls (Dir: Finn Morgan-Roberts)

Lost in the woods, a nameless man who’s dressed to impress is approached by a mysterious light.

Repeat (Dir: Roisin Clothier)

A cyclical film that visually explores the interconnected wildlife living within Ireland’s bogs, and the circle of life.

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