Cinemagic: Pure Hearts

BBFC RatingCinemagic: Pure Hearts

Cinemagic: Pure Hearts
CertificateNot Rated
GenreDrama, Romance
DirectorRoberto De Paolis
LanguageItalian (Subtitled)
Running Time1HR 54MINS
Extra Info18+

A young girl pushes the boundaries of her strict upbringing when she forms an unshakable bond with a troubled 25-year-old security guard in this sincere, delicate romantic drama of liberation and heartache.

When 17 year old Agnese encounters parking lot attendant Stefano while out shoplifting a cell phone, she doesn’t realise their lives are about to become entwined in an intense but short-lived romance. Stefano represents for Agnese an alternative way of being in the world beyond the limits of her religious upbringing, a life from which she feels increasingly alienated.

Age: 18+