Die Hard

BBFC RatingDie Hard

Die Hard
GenreAction, Thriller
DirectorJohn McTiernan
Running Time2HR 12MINS
SeasonChristmas 2019

Almost as much of a QFT Christmas tradition as It’s a Wonderful Life, Die Hard is the film for you if you like your Christmas movies violent, sweary and wearing a vest.

Tough New York cop John McClane (Willis) finds himself in a tight situation when a Christmas office party in Los Angeles is taken over by terrorists, led by the one and only Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber. Apart from McClane, everyone else in the building - including his wife - is held at gunpoint while their captors spell out their demands. The FBI are called in to survey the situation, but John McClane has other plans for the terrorists... 

“The very pinnacle of the '80s action movie, and if it's not the greatest action movie ever made, then it's damn close.” – Andrew Collins, Empire Magazine


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