QFT Player x Cinemagic: Discover Oska Bright

BBFC RatingQFT Player x Cinemagic: Discover Oska Bright

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CertificateNot Rated
Running Time1HR 8MINS
Extra InfoRec: 8+

Discover the work of young learning disabled filmmakers in this special online screening package. Free to watch on QFT Player from Fri 2 to Fri 16 Oct.

This programme is brought to you by Carousel and is screening as part of the Cinemagic Film Festival 2020. This programme was originally produced for the Oska Bright Film Festival. 

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO SHADY MOONFACE (Dale Smith, UK) - Shady Moonface is made using musical instruments, is genderless, and voices the thoughts of participants about the creative process. 

BARBIE MOVIE (Dikshaa Varadharajan, UK) - Barbie meets the love of her life and jets off on an exotic honeymoon to new and exciting destinations. 

STARBRIGHT (MTR Saturday Regulars, UK) - Starbrights are flying freely until two young men are bored one day and decide to start catching them. 

TIKI TROUBLE (Chris Rumens & Rob Nettleton, UK) - A Tiki mask is stranded on a desert island. He’s all alone. He hopes to one day have a friend. 

THOUGHTS (Denise Rose, UK) - In this short film a young person with autism is exploring his independence, sharing his thoughts as he steps outside. 

THE GRUNTLES 2: THE GHOST OF THE CHARITY SHOP (Richard Norris, UK) - Two of the Gruntles family return as spirits to try and spoil the shop. With the help of detectives and an interesting customer, they are banished into the afterlife. 

LOOK FOR ME (Miriam Fox, UK) - An Autistic child’s love of drawing helps them discover an unexpected kindred spirit. Inspired after the filmmaker’s own diagnosis of autism in 2017. 

TIRE SWING (Gabriel Giaquinto, USA) - Hot in winter, snowy in summer … a little boy, frustrated with climate change hilariously attempts to stop it by dismantling his father’s car. 

HALLOWEEN MASSACRE 2: THE SECOND CROP (Chris Rumens & Rob Nettleton, UK) - A bunch of pumpkins are brought from a farm, ready for Halloween carving. Whilst left alone, they plan to make their escape with devastating consequences. 

THE PROBLEMS OF THE LITTLE MAN (Alexey Protsenko, Russia) - A man slips on a snowy day and sees something rather unexpected in the woods. A light-hearted caper. 

LATE (The Social Agency, UK) - A short film made for ‘The Hours of Darkness’, an installation commissioned by Appetite for Stoke-on-Trent’s Light Night 2019. What keeps you awake at night? 

MOANING, CRYING AND BARKING (Chris Butler, UK) - A comical documentation of the struggles some people with autism go through in their day to day lives. 

WE ARE (In Focus Young People, UK) - An attempt to dispel the misconceptions of young people on the autism spectrum. 

PUSH (Tyler Cunningham, USA) - A young boy’s first day out in the real world, away from his sheltered home, turns his whole world upside-down. 

INTERPRETATION (Toby Loxton, UK) - A young man focuses on his sport, trying to overcome the negative voices in his head. Will he succeed and hit the bullseye? 

MAGPIE (Louis Walkden, UK) - “It’s about the environment. I like to recycle in the big bin, I put plastic bottles there. We are going to look at charity shops to make music. I like music magpie!” 

THE SPACEMAN (Rob Nettleton, UK) - A lost spaceman travels the earth while waiting to be rescued. He makes some new friends along the way. 

#RP (Conor Powell, UK) - Two young people enter the same shop where the shopkeeper challenges the wrong one. 

Carousel is an arts charity that helps learning disabled artists develop and manage their creative lives, true to their voice and vision, challenging expectations of what great art is and who can create it. Find out more about Carousel here: http://www.carousel.org.uk/ 

This programme is part of Altogether Now!, an inclusive and accessible film strand exploring themes of disability, difference, belonging and inclusion. Find out more about Cinemagic's virtual 2020 festival here: https://cinemagic.org.uk/ 

Total duration: 68 mins | Age: 8+ | Subtitled | Content notes: contains very mild violence

Watch Discover Oska Bright On QFT Player From Fri 2 To Fri 16 Oct