London Korean Film Festival: Extreme Job

BBFC RatingLondon Korean Film Festival: Extreme Job

London Korean Film Festival: Extreme Job
CertificateNot Rated
GenreAction, Comedy
DirectorLee Byeong-heon
LanguageKorean, Mandarin
CountrySouth Korea
Running Time1HR 51MINS
Extra InfoSubtitled / Recommended 15
SeasonLondon Korean Film Festival

Stakeout meets takeout in Lee Byeong-heon's action-comedy Extreme Job.

An incompetent and dysfunctional five-person police team take over a run-down chicken shop in order to observe and infiltrate a drug syndicate's headquarters across the road. However, when their special chicken recipe becomes a massive hit with the public, the line between cooking and crime-busting becomes confused.

Eventually the ensemble of misfits begin to discover why they were put together in the first place and why their leader Captain Ko (Ryu Seung-yong) has the nickname 'Zombie'.

Full of crazy laughs and over-the-top fighting, Extreme Job delivers to order.

Screening as part of the London Korean Film Festival on tour.



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