First Blood

BBFC RatingFirst Blood

Showing: 13 July 2022 until 14 July 2022

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Wed 13 Jul 2022
Thu 14 Jul 2022

DirectorTed Kotcheff
WritersMichael Kozoll, William Sackheim
Running Time1HR 33MINS
SeasonMain Programme

His name is John Rambo. And it's been 40 years since they drew First Blood. Screening in 4K, First Blood is the explosive action-thriller that started it all!

When small town Washington sheriff Will Teasle (Brian Dennehy) detains a vagrant drifter for resisting arrest, little does he realise that he has set in motion a series of events that bring mayhem and bloody reckoning to his community.

The shabby vagrant is in fact former Green Beret John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone), a hero of the Vietnam War who has returned home to find America no longer wants him. Responding to brutal treatment from Teasle’s Deputies with sudden ferociousness, Rambo makes a daring escape from the town jail, steals a motorcycle and roars off towards the wilderness with the sheriffs not far behind.

A breathtaking portrayal of America at odds with itself.

"Devotees of old-school 80s action will enjoy this all over again" Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian