Hail Satan?

BBFC Ratingf-rated FilmHail Satan?

Hail Satan?
DirectorPenny Lane
Running Time1HR 35MINS
SeasonMain Programme

Chronicling the extraordinary rise of one of the most colourful and controversial religious movements in American history, Hail Satan? is an inspiring and entertaining new feature documentary from acclaimed director Penny Lane (Nuts!, Our Nixon).

Her focus is the Satanic Temple, the non-theistic group founded in 2013 in Salem, Massachusetts. Though it uses satanic imagery, the group doesn’t actually believe in Satan (a fact that often gets overlooked in right-wing news coverage of their stunts) but rather use the idea of religious pluralism to advocate against theocracy and to challenge corrupt authority. Setting up a new series of anarchic public actions, they prove that with little more than a clever idea, a mischievous sense of humour, and a few rebellious friends, you can speak truth to power in some unexpectedly profound ways. 

As charming and funny as it is thought-provoking, Hail Satan? offers a timely look at a group of often misunderstood outsiders whose unwavering commitment to social and political justice has empowered thousands of people around the world.

The 6.20pm screening on Mon 2 Sept will be followed by a discussion with Boyd Sleator, Northern Ireland Humanists Development Officer, hosted by Hugh Odling-Smee from Film Hub NI.