QFT Player x Cinemagic: Here/Not Here

BBFC RatingQFT Player x Cinemagic: Here/Not Here

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CertificateNot Rated
Running Time0HR 58MINS
Extra InfoSubtitled / 16+

Deaf hip hop music drama exploring sign language, dance, football and Visual Vernacular (VV). Free to watch on QFT Player from Fri 2 to Fri 16 Oct.

Screening as part of Cinemagic 2020. 


Here/Not Here combines elements of dance, especially Krump and hip hop, with football, BSL and Visual Vernacular (VV), a poetic and choreographic form of sign language. The setting is a run-down space that three different gangs, footballers, Krumpers and VV-ers, all think is their own. The story is about how, despite our competing differences, we can find a common language through movement to communicate and collaborate. The film was written by Jonzi D, directed by Bim Ajadi and created in collaboration with the cast.

Dir. Bim Ajadi | UK | 30 mins | Age: 16+ | Subtitled | Content notes: there is strong language and drug references in this film 


Streaming directly after Here/Not Here is Look Here/Not Here, a documentary illustrating the inside story of the characters and narrative from Here/Not Here. Writer Jonzi D and director Bim Ajadi discuss the characters, narrative and themes, explaining how Here/Not Here was made. Interviews with key cast and contributors explore the worlds of Krump dance, Visual Vernacular and football and how they came together to create a new storytelling language.

Dir. Andrew Gillman | UK | 28 mins | Age: 16+ | Subtitled 

Here/Not Here and Look Here/Not Here are both Artemisia Films productions for BSLBT. 

On 18th October join creators, cast and crew for a special insight and behind the scenes online event. Email workshops@cinemagic.org.uk to register for free.

This programme is part of Altogether Now!, an inclusive and accessible film strand exploring themes of disability, difference, belonging and inclusion. Find out more about Cinemagic's virtual 2020 festival here: https://cinemagic.org.uk/ 

Watch Here/Not Here On QFT Player From Fri 2 To Fri 16 Oct