Island of the Hungry Ghosts

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BBFC Ratingf-rated FilmIsland of the Hungry Ghosts

Director(s)Gabrielle Brady
LanguageEnglish, Persian, French, Mandarin
CountryGermany, UK, Australia
Running Time1HR 38MINS
Extra InfoPartially Subtitled
SeasonMain Programme

Island of the Hungry Ghosts takes place on the remote and extraordinary Christmas Island.

Home to few human inhabitants, it’s famous for one of the world’s largest land migrations – that of forty million crabs making their voyage to the ocean’s edge – but has a more troubling relationship with human migration, with its jungle hiding Australia’s biggest offshore refugee detention centre. The only connection to the outside world for these asylum seekers is trauma counsellor Poh Lin Lee.

This stunning first feature by Gabrielle Brady follows Poh Lin as she attempts to support detainees and explores the island’s terrain, its violent past and its inescapable present.

“Poetic and impressionistic, this is urgent, angry filmmaking that reaches for something transcendent in its exploration of the conflict between precarious, precious nature and deeply human evil.” – TOM AUGUSTINE, NEW ZEALAND HERALD

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