Little Joe

BBFC Ratingf-rated FilmLittle Joe

Showing: 21 February 2020 until 27 February 2020

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Tue 25 Feb 2020
Wed 26 Feb 2020
Thu 27 Feb 2020

GenreDrama, Sci-fi
DirectorJessica Hausner
CountryUK, Austria, Germany
Running Time1HR 45MINS
SeasonMain Programme

Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets Little Shop of Horrors in the first English-language foray from Austrian arthouse auteur Jessica Hausner (Amour Fou, Lourdes).

Focusing on a genetically engineered plant ("Little Joe") designed to give its caretakers a sense of euphoria, the film stars the remarkable Emily Beecham and Ben Whishaw as the biotechnology researchers responsible for this marvelous creation. For a while, all is well. But it’s not long before strange occurrences begin cropping up… 

Boasting eye-popping production design recalling ’70s sci-fi, meticulous neon-lit compositions, and one of the most singular scores you will ever hear (featuring music from the late Japanese composer Teiji Ito), this genre outing is a veritable feast for the senses. With her off-kilter sense of humour and distinct feel for performance, Hausner delights as surely as she discomfits, delivering a conceptually audacious parable about how people choose their own happiness. This mesmerising, nerve-jangling psychological horror film is sure to get under your skin.

Preceding Little Joe will be an extract from The Birth of a Flower (UK 1910. 3min). Directed by F Percy Smith, a true pioneer, who invented original (and bizarre) methods for time lapse and micro cinematography (especially of flowers and insects) that have hardly been bettered by modern film technique.



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