BBFC RatingDocs Ireland: Losing Alaska

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CertificateNot Rated
DirectorTom Burke
Running Time1HR 23MINS
Extra InfoRecommended Age: PG
SeasonDocs Ireland

Sitting atop a melting permafrost and battered by coastal erosion, Newtok, Alaska is set to be the first American town lost to climate change.

The 375 residents of Newtok watch their homes disappear into rolling seas as winter storms steal their coastline and melting permafrost erodes the edges of their town. We see how the Yup’ik support themselves by fishing and hunting in the traditional way. The constant threat is a nightmare—watching the ground disappear under your feet seems to belong to a horror movie plot.

“Like a cookie monster eating cookies” is how 19-year-old Bosco describes the way the ocean is devouring the coastline. Fearful questions divide the tight- knit fishing community: will they have to abandon their village and leave for another part of the country, or will they move to firmer ground nearby? So far the world doesn’t appear to be losing any sleep over the vanishing village of Newtok.

Losing Alaska highlights the very real and encroaching danger of climate change, and its layered impacts. Alarming and engaging viewing.

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