BBFC RatingLost Lives

Showing: 14 October 2019 until 16 October 2019 , 18 October 2019 until 20 October 2019 , 22 October 2019 until 23 October 2019

Lost Lives
DirectorDermot Lavery & Michael Hewitt
CountryUK, Ireland
Running Time1HR 33MINS
SeasonMain Programme

Lost Lives is a major cinematic film inspired by the book of the same name. Written over seven years by five journalists, it is a book that records the circumstances of every single death in the Troubles.

First published in 1999, it is a history book with a profound difference. It does not detail the acts of politicians and other major figures in the story of a conflict. Nor does it concern itself with talks or the breakdowns of talks. It was – and remains – the only book to record the circumstances of every single death in a conflict. There are over 3,700 entries in the book. Over 3,700 lost lives. 

“Our film is not a documentary but a filmic response to the book and what it represents. It is a film that weaves together high end cinematography, archive film, a commissioned score performed by the Ulster Orchestra and a number of extracts from the book, read by the very best of our acting talent. For us it is a cinematic event that addresses the past - but looks to the future.” - Dermot Lavery and Michael Hewitt, co-directors of Lost Lives. 

The extracts from the book are read by Kenneth Branagh, Bríd Brennan, Roma Downey, Adrian Dunbar, Michelle Fairley, Bronagh Gallagher, Brendan Gleeson, Dan Gordon, Conleth Hill, Ciarán Hinds, Susan Lynch, Des McAleer, Martin McCann, Ian McElhinney, Sean McGinley, James Nesbitt, Liam Neeson, Emer O’Connor, Stephen Rea, Judith Roddy, Michael Smiley and Bronagh Waugh. 

Lost Lives is a requiem. A reminder that war is hell.

The 6.00pm screening on Sat 12 Oct will be followed by a Q&A with directors Dermot Lavery and Michael Hewitt.


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