BBFC Ratingf-rated FilmDocs Ireland: Lovers of the Night

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CertificateNot Rated
DirectorAnna Frances Ewert
Running Time0HR 56MINS
Extra InfoRecommended Age: 15
SeasonDocs Ireland

A fragile community of seven Cistercian Irish monks try to keep their monastery going with a lot of heart and humour.

Seven elderly monks in a small Cistercian monastery in Ireland strive to keep their spiritual life and fragile community going. Deeply committed but with shaky voices – they gather in church seven times a day to pray. A passionate rugby fan with a great devotional heart, 88-year-old Alberic stands at the centre of the film, weaving together the monks’ individual stories and revealing the vulnerability of old age.

While Alberic, who is slowly losing his eyesight, tries to decipher texts from the Christian mystics and the rugby news in the papers, Brother Francis trains on an old treadmill and Father Ambrose attempts to catch a runaway calf.

An attempt to capture the heart of a unique place before it vanishes, and to portray the yearning of the human spirit for the infinite in the transience of a finite world.