The Other '68: My Night With Maud

BBFC RatingThe Other '68: My Night With Maud

The Other
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance
DirectorÉric Rohmer
Running Time1HR 50MINS
SeasonThe Other 68

An all-time gem of French cinema, Éric Rohmer's My Night With Maud is a captivating interrogation of morality and temptation.

In the brilliantly accomplished centerpiece of Rohmer’s “Moral Tales” series, Jean-Louis Trintignant plays Jean-Louis, one of the great conflicted figures of sixties cinema.

A pious Catholic engineer in his early thirties, he lives by a strict moral code in order to rationalise his world, drowning himself in mathematics and the philosophy of Pascal. After spotting the delicate, blonde Françoise (Marie-Christine Barrault) at Mass, he vows to make her his wife, although when he unwittingly spends the night at the apartment of the bold, brunette divorcée Maud (Françoise Fabian), his rigid ethical standards are challenged. A breakout hit in the United States, My Night With Maud was one of the most influential and talked-about films of the decade.

This screening will be introduced by Des O'Rawe, Film Studies at Queen's.


THE OTHER '68: Alternative Takes on Turbulent Times

In the history of cinema, 1968 is often associated with images of students rioting in Paris, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the escalation of war in Vietnam, and the wider culture of protest and civic activism. QFT, in partnership with Film Studies at Queen’s, presents a short season exploring some contemporary films that have a more oblique – but no less significant – relationship with the upheavals of ‘68.

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Part of Uprising: Spirit of ’68, a season supported by funds from the National Lottery, led by Film Hub Midlands on behalf of the BFI UK Film Audience Network.


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