QFT Player x Cinemagic: Nothing is Impossible

BBFC RatingQFT Player x Cinemagic: Nothing is Impossible

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CertificateNot Rated
CountryNepal, Canada
Running Time0HR 32MINS
Extra InfoSubtitled / 12+

A short film package exploring themes of disability, difference, belonging, judgement and inclusion. Free to watch on QFT Player from Fri 2 to Fri 16 Oct.

Screening as part of Cinemagic 2020. 

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE (Shanta Nepali, Nepal) - An intimate portrait of a man born to a family of farmers, in the remote hills of Nepal, who ended up serving half his life as a British Gurkha, only to lose both of his legs on the battlefield. https://www.shantanepaliproductions.com/ 

LOVE AT SECOND SIGHT (Jo Streit, Canada) - Love at Second Sight is an educational film that transforms attitudes about appearance and encourages individuals to accept themselves and others. 

This programme is part of Altogether Now!, an inclusive and accessible film strand exploring themes of disability, difference, belonging and inclusion. Find out more about Cinemagic's virtual 2020 festival here: https://cinemagic.org.uk/ 

Total duration: 32 mins | Age: 12+ | Subtitled 

Watch Nothing Is Impossible On QFT Player From Fri 2 To Fri 16 Oct