BBFC RatingOusmane Sembène Season: Xala

Ousmane Sembène Season: Xala
DirectorOusmane Sembène
Running Time2HR 3MINS
Extra InfoSubtitled
SeasonOusmane Sembène Season

Ousmane Sembène, otherwise known as the father of African cinema, is one of the key figures of world cinema, and yet his works—still relevant today—remain unknown to many. 

Through this programme we will explore his work through the new and highly acclaimed documentary Sembène!, capturing the life of this prolific filmmaker. This will be screened alongside three of Sembène’s films explored in the documentary: Xala, Moolaadé and Black Girl, each of which was in itself a key and groundbreaking work of world cinema.

A businessman is struck with impotence and his attempts at a cure prove disastrous. In this fierce satire, Ousmane Sembène lashes the bourgeoisie of an unnamed, newly independent, African state (but clearly Senegal) for their slavish imitation of their past colonial masters, down to their corruption and conspicuous consumption.

35mm screening.