Play Misty For Me

BBFC Ratingf-rated FilmPlay Misty For Me

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DirectorClint Eastwood
Running Time1HR 42MINS
SeasonFilm Feels - Obsession

Clint Eastwood's first film as star and director, Play Misty for Me is a suspenseful, thrilling film of psychotic sexual obsession.

Eastwood’s suspense thriller is a great example of what has made his subsequent career so lauded and noteworthy. It's effective and efficient, intelligent and sure-handed. Every scene works to the endgame in an economical manner. 

Jessica Walter gives a show-stopping performance as Evelyn, a fan of a local DJ, Dave, (Eastwood) in the coastal city of Carmel, California. What starts out as fandom quickly turns to something darker and obsessive, giving way to a series of surprising, entertaining and shocking turns. You have no choice but to hold on for the ride.

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